Thursday, 1 January 2015

frets/fretboard 4

now if you have been living under a rock, you probably haven't even heard about this concept, let alone the builder

Ralph Novak

Novax Guitars fanned fret system.

it makes so much sense. so much so he has been building fanned fret guitars for 25 years

so much so my buddy Wayne had one made by a local builder. this is him doing Blues Bash

typical bloody Wayne. putting bass players out of work by doing both parts on one guitar. there ought to be a law...

anyway, let's cut to the chase. bass guitars have longer necks than electric guitars to accommodate the scale length of the string. look inside a grand piano - not all the strings are the same length, are they? so Novax actually fanned the frets so longer and shorter strings get the relative scale length they deserve. it changes the nature of the instrument in such a positive way

start with the information page at Novax Guitars

click here

then go to 

scale length
fanned fret
there is even a technical lecture

most of all I would recommend the photo archive

click here

just to spoil the fun a little, what better way to give these instruments the respect they deserve than with one of the most amazing players around and the custom instrument Ralph built for him

Phil deGruy

The Guitarp

seven string guitar with a high A and ten harp strings underneath that. takes the George Van Eps idea of the "lap piano" to a new level. amazing incorporation of the fanned fret concept

if you want to be amazed by brilliant harmonies, laugh at crazy musical invention and incorporation or even just enjoy some great musical thinking and playing, I cannot recommend Phil deGruy highly enough. he uses the instrument above on my favorite CD for long trips - Hello Dali

no one sounds like him. he is AWESOME!

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