Monday, 5 January 2015

neck 3

first off, I want to do a bit of a precursor introduction to my new friend

Joel at Cycfi Research

we are going to be talking about his pickup designs in the not too distant future

mainly I want to say that there is a lot of good and interesting ideas that for the main part I have found fascinating. the rest were just plain, garden variety awesome.

go to his site and have a look around

click here

but first, let's have a look at his guitar

Cycfi Alpha

neck through construction, nice

close look at the body, carbon fiber, very good.....

look at the depth of the body, looks very sleek and comfortable

now look at this

the neck through from the bridge to the headstock is constructed with bamboo laminate! to top it all of there is a carbon fiber truss rod. brilliant.

rather than spoil the fun, I'll just direct you to the galleries to see this being built

gallery 1 - click here

gallery 2 - click here

plus for an extensive look at the full story behind this instrument

click here 

be sure to look at neck through construction.

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