Monday, 5 January 2015

neck 2

I love that moment when you look a little closer and you see a detail and say out loud, "oh, I didn't see that"

this guitar is a prime candidate for that moment

it also gives me a great opportunity to display a great approach to neck design

Michael Sankey

Peekaboo Guitar

seven string with lace alumitone pickups and ABM hardware. I love how the front curves into the chambered rear. I see a jack output, strap knob and switch, but where are the volume and tone controls?

now that is damn elegant. mounted under the sound hole.

but wait, there's more

Rick Toone's Trapezoidal Neck Profile

one of three neck profile concepts devised by Rick Toone. I cannot go any further, other than to say that Rick explains the whole design better than I ever could and, frankly, it is a great read. makes you think about what kind of player you are. or makes you think, "maybe I should get every combination of neck profile". 

how many instruments would that be?

click here

for the full story on the Peekaboo Guitar

click here 

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