Tuesday, 13 January 2015

pickups 4

now here's a rule of thumb when it comes to guitar picks

take that rule of thumb and apply it to an Ebow

in my case it disappears under the couch and goes to Narnia

now I love both my Ebows and I use them all the time

the amount of times I have dropped them and they disappear to that magical mysterious place

now I have played a Moog guitar and I thought "THIS IS UTTERLY FANTASTIC!!!!"

then I saw the price of the Moog guitar and I thought "THAT IS UTTERLY FANTASTIC!!!!"

I don't want to sell my first born just yet

now we are thinking about new guitar design and I know these have been around for a while, but they really do rate a mention.


now I think I should link the site first

click here

it is extensive to say the least. a LOT of information before you take the big step. If you have any troubles, they are quick with an email reply.

let's have a look at what it does

warning - addictive

I thought of a slogan for Sustainac when I corresponded with them

Sustainiac - costs a fraction of a Moog guitar and you can't drop it.

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