Sunday, 25 January 2015

so my ultimate guitar is....1

my ultimate guitar is based on the posts I have made on this blog

if i could describe it

it would be this

7 string

an aircraft grade aluminum neck

no frets - the frets and the fret board would be one

anodized fretboard- for durability

scalloping? dunno.

neck through construction

the body would be made with carbon fibre

neodymium pickups

some kind of synth pickup - the jury is out

controls would be volume/tone/5 way switch/pickup synth blend

maybe a kill switch - I have a pedal that does this

ergonomic design

a way to incorporate the body to be joined to the neck

see Teuffel/Forshage/Canton/Conklin guitars

fanned fret

true temperament

an intonation adjusting nut 

a way to incorporate a Livid Instruments Guitar Wing without it getting in the way of controls

now let me think

about the other variables

so much to think about....

I feel a white board session about to happen.

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