Monday, 12 January 2015

pickups 3

is something that is old and not commonly used a new design?

I would say yes when designers make replicas of the original

Mojo Tone Gold Foil Pickups


people who know me roll their eyes when I bang on about my Guyatone lap steel guitar and the gold foil pickups in it. then they play it and suddenly they know what I am talking about.

my thinking is that the depth of the cover is the depth of the pickup. the windings of the coil go all the way out to the inside cover, plus they have a rubberized magnet that is truly unique. all this in combination makes them sound awesome. My buddy Wayne uses his on any recording that requires lap steel to this day.

here's someone called Mark giving us a demonstration.

 these pickups are distinctive and amazing.

and by the way, if you want my Guyatone lap steel, you'll have to pry it from my dead cold hands

want to know more?

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