Friday, 9 January 2015

neck 6

the designs of Strandberg Guitars have been a feature of new guitar design. he really is thinking about new solutions on a regular basis.

first off, maybe we should look at this

here is a picture of a closer look at the neck

so the flat surface that arcs from heel to headstock (I feel pretty stupid describing the neck this way, considering it doesn't actually have a headstock) is a focus point for ideal thumb placement. makes the hand position ergonomically comfortable along the entire length of the neck.

note the sexy laminate along the neck

the argument for the defense can be found here and it is pretty damn compelling

click here

I love the closing remarks 
The curved rear section and the angles of the surfaces interact to encourage a more correct playing position and a straighter wrist

The result is less stress on muscles, joints and tendons, which lets you play more relaxed, with less fatigue, which results in less risk of injury and better playing 

and with that, your Honor, the defense rests.

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