Tuesday, 13 January 2015

one more post to go - the stats

so we started on the 22nd of November

2132 page views (so far)

60 days -  an average of 35 views per day

71 posts -  an average of 30 views per post

here's the break up by country (so far)

United States        835

Australia                685
Italy                       219
Germany                60
United Kingdom     53
Netherlands           52
France                   40
Canada                  27
Malaysia                21
Philippines             21

a few things occurred to me when I started

what If NO designer got back to me? I always like to ask for permission

what if no one viewed the blog?

I still wanted to go ahead because I thought it was, and is, important to look at an overview of design

but I was sure pleasantly surprised!

thanks to all for your support so far

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