Tuesday, 13 January 2015

one more post to go

now I did a search for hours last night

I came up with a few conclusions

1. the websites that haven't gotten back to me will probably never get back to me, so it is pointless going down that path. the odd thing is, the bigger the company, the less the reply

2. I did a web search with "web" settings, "images" settings, even "video" settings and I think I have pretty much covered all I can

3. one builder who made a certain aluminum guitar in the 70's that is a collectors item, and is still making them is a horrible old grumpy sod. he can just go away. the only negative response I ever had

4. some designers have retired or gone out of business. that is sad because what they have been doing is inspired

5. NAMM is coming up soon so Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities is a great catalyst for ideas and designs. I can't wait! now there's a guy without fear or favor. plus it is always an entertaining read.

click here for NAMM Oddities 

so I thank all that have been with me on this journey

so far

the one question I ask is - is there anything I have missed?

so if anyone thinks of a design, no matter how obscure, please drop me a line

two things going ahead

1. we are looking into the Livid Instruments Guitar Wing - a lot.
thanks to Livid for their support

2. now that I have mapped out all I can, time to start coming to some conclusions

using the best elements of the existing designs and technology, what would this instrument look like?

would it be two different instruments?

this is going to take some time

the other thing is these designers aren't magically stopping

so if they make anything new - I'll post it

99.9% of people who I have contacted have been wonderful and supportive

I thank them for contributing and you for reading


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