Friday, 9 January 2015

pickups 2

here we go

why not jump into things with a bang?

before we head into this bold new adventure, I want to say that this site has so much information that is great, awesome and whatever other descriptor you care to give...

warning - information overload imminent

2 designs 

Cycfi Research

Neo Series Active Polyphonic Pickups

two modules in this system

how can you use them?

because of the very wide and flat frequency response and a brilliant signal to noise ratio, coupled with modern tone sculpting in Logic or whatever program you are using, you could model them to sound like just about anything

but that is not the half of it

did i say polyphonic?

imagine each string going to an individual track on your recorder? then add effects to each string. pan the strings across the stereo field

plans are afoot to make a breakout box to enable this function

two thing come to mind

1. first off, I'd like to send the signal to separate amplifiers. that would be mind boggling - and loud.

2. probably the second instrument I would like to hear them on is a guitar. imagine them on a vibraphone? imagine the breakout box!!

an interface is also on the drawing board and it looks great

looks like there are a great deal of sculpting tools there already

all the information

click here

next up

Neo Aura

 this design really turns tradition on its side. even looking at it,
you ask yourself, "what on earth is going on there?"

 I have to quote the site

"High Definition means full frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz and beyond. From whales to bats! These are active pickups utilising very low impedance (Lo-Z) coils with an ultra low-noise preamplifier to boost the lower level Lo-Z signal. A full bandwidth pickup gives you complete freedom to shape the frequency response —it’s the perfect blank canvas"

all the information

click here 

I would like to thank Joel at Cycfi Research for putting up with all my rambling questions, fueled by over enthusiasm coupled with sleep deprivation.

ever see that Robert Hughes series about modern art called the shock of the new?

these designs are the pickup version of that.

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