Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I felt somewhat out of place for not mentioning dedicated tapping instruments

but none of the tapping instrument companies got back to me

however, one did and I happy they came to the aid of my humble little blog home

Mobius Megatar

what I like about this design is the specific options at your disposal. If you fill out the order form, you better do your homework. built with computer aided design, the future of guitar design, to all your specific needs.

so let's go through the process. time to build a dream guitar!

standard quarter sawn sapele 9 piece neck and body with wenge fretboard

add paduak/wenge/purple heart/maple/bubinga stripes? yes, all of these!

figured core? no idea but throw that into the mix

3 full length carbon fibre re-enforcement rods (yes! carbon fibre!!)

fanned frets

abalone or mother of pearl fretboard inlays

crossed string arrangement with bass strings on players right

abalone or pearl side dot markers. maybe alternate as I am feeling highly individual today

bartolini humbuckers 

a bartolini dual channel active preamp

acoustiphonic piezo output and dual midi output 

3-way humbucker switches (series, parallel, coil cut)

graphtech string saver saddles

gold hardware

an oil finish

a case

a customized folding stand

a luxury strap

that was extensive! I wasn't kidding about being specific.

let's see one in action

now take some time and have a good look at the Mobius site

a lot of information, photos and videos.

click here

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