Wednesday, 21 January 2015

carbon fibre 1

I cannot speak of this material any higher

plus as far as guitar design goes, we are talking about the material that could make so many things

bodies/necks/truss rods/reinforcement rods/nuts

why not go crazy?

knobs/switch knobs/add a cup holder

and now we have the ability to have variation

a classic weave

this one is called Grandmaster - rugged and I like it.

Wasp - for that honeycomb effect

a thicker weave

carbon fibre/kevlar blends. the weave is carbon fibre one way and kevlar the other. in three different colors

or just plain kevlar

if your guitar playing is awful on a given night, feel safe that you can use your instrument as a shield from oncoming bullets. same material as used in bullet proof vests

thanks to the people at Fibre Glast for their support and information

go have a look at their site

click here

they have an extensive array of videos that are really informative. not just about materials but the process of making carbon fibre products. they do it all.

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